• Beyond Lean

    Lean Six Sigma Implementation tools and guidance for application in 'Financial Services', 'Healthcare', 'Call Centres', 'Government Service' or simply in traditional 'Manufacturing'

  • Conference Notes: Lean Innovations: Old and New Applications of Old and New Technology
  • EMS Consulting Group

    EMS Consulting Group is a management consulting firm uniquely designed to create value for manufacturers and product developers. Our clients include organizations from the industrial and consumer products, defense/aerospace, and medical device sectors. Providing training and hands-on consulting services in lean manufacturing and design; we can help you achieve lower costs, improved productivity, and improved time-to-market.

  • Gembutsu Consulting

    We are Japanese trained lean manufacturing consultants who embrace manufacturing excellence by implementing the tools and philosophy of the Toyota Production System (TPS), widely referred to as ‘lean manufacturing’. Our approach is to embrace kaizen, or continuous improvement, to eliminate waste in all business processes. Seeing the tangible benefits of kaizen should take days and not weeks or months. Equipped with hands-on operations and implementation experience, our consultants show clients measurable improvements on the shop floor and beyond as the entire organization begins to embrace the kaizen culture. Relying on our knowledge, education and past operations success, Gembutsu consultants transform traditional manufacturers into powerful lean enterprises.

  • Lean Discussion Group

    The purpose of this group is to discuss the problems and opportunities associated with applying LEAN concepts to office or administrative environments. Tangential subjects such as Quality, Kaizen, Toyota Production System (TPS), Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), etc. are all appropriate for this forum.

  • Lean Learning Center

    The Lean Learning Center can help you with your lean transformation in ways beyond these courses. With support from our consulting partner Achievement Dynamics we can facilitate kaizen workshops and lean teams transformation at your company including activities from the shop floor to administrative processes. This is a great chance to start learning by doing. We can also help you develop your transformation strategy plan and organizational structure. We can run a Kaizen Workshop Bootcamp at your company to develop a strong core of change agents and facilitators.

  • Reference Database - Lean Enterprise Institute

    Various forms of media discussing Lean methodologies.

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