• Attacker

    Book Review: Review of Innovation: The Attacker's Advantage

    Author: Richard N. Foster

    The central idea presented in the book is that Attackers try to make money by changing the order of things and Defenders protect their existing cash flows. This principle makes a lot of sense from the examples prevented, and it really resonates now, twenty-plus years later with the attacks we've seen on long-time market leaders, like Apple to IBM, Netflix to Blockbuster, and Southwest Airlines to, well, all the other airlines.

  • Drive

    Book Review: DRIVE: The Surprising Truth about what Motivates Us, Daniel H. Pink

    Reviewer: Peter Merrill

    Teaser: The book 'Drive' by Daniel Pink shows how too many organizations still operate from outdated assumptions about personal performance. Successful organizations such as Google, 3M and WL Gore are moving beyond the flawed thinking of ‘Reward and Punishment’ and are recognizing people’s natural desire for self fulfillment.

  • Innovation Defined

    Jane Keathley, Chair, QMD Technical Committee on Innovation and Value Creation


    Are you interested in learning more about innovation and how you can become a more effective contributor to innovation management for your organization? “Innovation: A Driver for Value Creation” is a presentation prepared by the Innovation and Value Creation Technical Committee and it is available for your use at the following link. Feel free to use the slide set and/or contact a member of the committee to learn more.

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