Organizational Excellence

Mission: To support and promote the use of international excellence models (Baldrige, EFQM and others) to help all organizations (businesses, hospitals, government, not-for-profits and schools) attain higher levels of performance.


  • Promote the use of international, national and local excellence programs
  • Contribute to a body of knowledge about excellence models
  • Share case studies and success stories about performance excellence
  • Explain how traditional quality methods and tools integrate with excellence models
  • Facilitate opportunities for people and organizations to connect, share, grow and learn from each other.

What is Organizational Excellence?
It refers to an integrated approach to organizational performance management that results in,

  • Delivery of ever-improving value to customers, investors and stakeholders, contributing to organizational sustainability
  • Improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities

What Characterizes Excellent Organizations?

  • Perform excellently against a known external standard
  • Perform excellently in relationship to where they were at some earlier point in time
  • Are judged by informed observers to be doing substantially better qualitatively than other comparable organizations
  • Are doing whatever they do with significantly less resources than is assumed are needed to do what they do


Please click the following link to view Papers and Resources for the Organizational Excellence Technical Committee: Papers and Resources

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