Message from the Quality Management Division Chair

What is new within Quality Management Division.

1.) Open Access - While all divisions are considering and discussing Open Access. Quality Management Division have been practising Open Access for the past several years. Open Access means allowing all ASQ Division members access to our Body of Knowledge. Quality Management Division have allowed open access to their web page for all ASQ members and even non members. This access includes our Quality Forum, Eblast Newsletters, Video Presentations, Quality tools etc. ( Please feel free to check out this web page.

2.) Student Engagement - Quality Mangement Division are currently working on methods to ensure greater Student engagement to make our division more accessible to student members and to increase the student membership within our division. The first action to encourage greater student engagement is to offer ALL students who are members of Quality Managment Division free access to the 2014 World Conference on Quality and Improvement May 5 -7, 2014 in Dallas Texas. The conference fee for the World Conference for all students is ninety-five dollars. The Quality Management Division have agreed to pay this registration fee for all Quality Management Division student members (current and those who register at the conference). For more information about this conference please refer to the ASQ web site at If this strategy is effective we may also offer this opportunity at our Division Conference October 30 - 31, 2014 in Orlando Florida. As the date for this conference comes closer we will be providing ASQ members additional information.

3.) Member Participation in Forum and Eblasts - In the past our Technical Committees have been the primary sources of articles for our Quality Forum and Eblasts that are sent out to members. We are now encouraging all members (23,000 members world wide) to send in articles that can be published in out Quality Forum and Eblast newsletters. In fact, this will be open to all ASQ members and the greater quality community.

These are a few of the changes that we are working on and we welcome other suggested changes and improvements to member services. If you have an ideas or suggestions to improve our member value or services please feel free to contact me at


Ken Sadler
Quality Management Division Chair

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