• DATE:  August 28, 2015

    TO:       QMD Members

    FROM: Milt Krivokuca Nominations Chair

    SUBJECT: 2016-2017 QMD Chair Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary

    On behalf of ASQ’s Nominating Committee, I am pleased to announce that we will accept applications for officers and Directors through September 15, 2015. The following positions will be filled:

    One Chair-Elect, to serve a progressive six-year term (Chair-elect to Chair to Past Chair).

    One Treasurer, to serve a two-year term.

    One Secretary to serve a two-year term.

    Information on the requirements for nomination is included below and additional reference documents and instructions are included in the attached table:

    1. Who can be nominated?
         All applicants must be a Member of the Quality Management Division in good standing.

    2. When does the term start?
         The term for each position begins January 1, 2017.

    3. How do I apply?
         All candidates must forward a complete application packet to Milton Krivokuca by e-mail at           milt619@cox.net no later than September 15, 2015. The application packet includes two separate components: a personal statement related to your commitment as a volunteer leader of QMD and a detailed

    4. What happens after I submit the application packet?
         Milton Krivokuca will acknowledge receipt of the application packet by e-mail. The Nominating    Committee may contact the applicant to gather additional information and/or to conduct an interview. Final nominees will be selected by October 15, 2015 and applicants notified of the Committee’s decision as quickly as possible.

    5. What happens if the Committee nominates me?
         Nominees are announced to QMD Members in appropriate Society electronic and print documents.
    If there is only one candidate for each position, no proxies will be issued for an election. The nominated candidates will be announced as elected members of the Board of Directors at the TCC in Orlando on Oct 23, 2015.

    If there is more than one candidate for any position, proxies will be issued for any election.

    6. What happens if the Committee does not nominate me?

    All applicants receive feedback and have the opportunity to seek additional developmental opportunities. They also may petition to be placed on the ballot as candidates.

    7. What are the expectations if I am elected to serve an elected QMD leader?
    QMD’s Bylaws contain specific descriptions of the roles and responsibilities for each elected position. Elected members of the leadership team are expected to fulfill these duties diligently, attending all onsite meetings, participating in all conference calls, and carrying out all assignments within the specified timeframe.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to these processes.
    Milt Krivokuca – Nominations Chair

Message from the Quality Management Division Chair

Quality Management Division continues to make significant improvements focused on member value.

At the most recent TCC Meeting the ASQ Board did not approve the Financial Models associated with the Open Access concept. This is great news since this had the potential of reducing our member dues and eliminating the hard copy of our Quality Forum. I am happy to report that this did not occur and Quality Management Division will continue to publish the Quality Forum for the foreseeable future. In addition we are planning to invite other Divisions to work with us to publish articles in our Quality Forum and our Newletter (e-blasts). Quality Management Division would like to cooperate and collaborate with all other Divisions and Interest groups for the benefit of all of our ASQ members and the community at large.

Quality Management Division have purchased a Webinar package so that we can start doing Webinars with other Divisions and private Industry groups. We are planning our first webinars with the Automotive Division later this month. This will be an exciting new deliverable for our members. We have purchased the capacity to do webinars with 500 attendees at a time. We can host as many webinars as we want throughout the next year. We will open the doors to any Division or group who wish to work with us providing content to their members.

Our growth in Student members continues to be amazing. We started last year with 286 student members and at the present time we have over 1400 student members and it is growing at an incredible rate. At our last strategic planning session we approved a budget that will continue to help and support our student members. It includes: Free conference admission to World Conference and TCC Conference for all student members, Scholarship programs for all student members, participation in our Newsletter (eblasts) and Quality Forum for student members and much closer communication with student members. Stephanie Thompson our Vice Chair Students is leading the way with our programs for students.

We had our first TCC conference and it was a great success with 11 Divisions working together and positive feedback from the conference participants. Planning has begun on next year's conference that will likely be held in Orlando again. In addition, this conference was a financial success and has eliminated the risk associated with Divisions doing conferences on their own. We plan to continue to cooperate and collaborate with other divisions and interest groups on this conference.

We continue to send out our Quality Forum to 22,000 members in hard copy and an additional 3,000 members electronically. We are on track to send our 8 e-blasts this year and next year we are changing this to call it our Newsletter. We expect to send out at least 8 newsletters during 2015.

Let me know if you have any concerns or suggestions for improvement. I look forward to hearing from many of you.


Ken Sadler
Quality Management Division Chair

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